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The Library Nepal resources are divided into six units:

  1. Advice about setting up successful reading groups
  2. Activities for younger children and non-readers
  3. Activities for everyone
  4. Fiction activities for older children
  5. Non-fiction activities for older children
  6. Reflection and advice on sustaining reading within schools

Scroll down the page to find the units. Each unit contains a video guide and a series of worksheets. The guide is also available to download as a presentation.

The video guide provides the knowledge needed to deliver each unit with confidence. It can be viewed as a video or downloaded. It is recommended that you view the video if possible, as it includes a voiceover which provides additional advice and support. The videos are also available to watch on Youtube.

The worksheets contain a variety of engaging tasks that have been designed for flexible use within reading groups or classes of different sizes and abilities. The worksheets can be downloaded and are suitable for use online or offline, in class settings or remotely, and using hard copy, large screen display or small screen format such as a mobile phone.

Explore units 1 to 6 and we are sure you will find something useful for your school. In particular, the Reading Champion Toolkit is highly recommended as it is full of useful advice about making the most of the library.

All resources are copyright free, free of charge and may be downloaded and used in any way that schools and libraries see fit.

Unit 1: Introduction
Unit 2: Younger children
U1 Video Guide
U1 Presentation
U1 Toolkit
U1 Set-up Sheet
U2 Video Guide
U2 Presentation
U2 Stories
U2 Describing Characters
U2 Reading Together

Unit 3: Everyone

Unit 4: Older children
U3 Video Guide
U3 Presentation
U3 Your Favourite Story
U3 Types Of Story
U3 Poetry And Description
U4 Video Guide
U4 Presentation
U4 Rhythm Rhyme Poetry
U4 Developing Characters
U4 Narrative
U4 Themes

Unit 5: Non-fiction

Unit 6: Evaluation
U5 Video Guide
U5 Presentation
U5 Using a Dictionary
U5 Using an Atlas
U5 Using an Encyclopaedia
U5 Using the Internet
U6 Video Guide
U6 Presentation
U6 Evaluation
U6 Group Reflection
U6 Progress Tracker