Leadership for life

A short course on leadership skills brought to you by Library Nepal.

This course will give you an introduction to a range of leadership skills and styles, a framework for working through some of the common challenges that leaders face in all sorts of contexts, and a set of exercises to work through as you develop your own leadership skills over time.

There are four units within the course:

  1. Understanding leadership roles in different contexts
  2. How to use different leadership styles for different purposes
  3. Facing and overcoming the challenges of leadership
  4. Developing yourself as a leader on an on-going basis

Each of of these units will take up to an hour to work through, or can be presented together as a one-day workshop.

The units are available to download as a PowerPoint presentation or a PDF below.

Unit 1
Unit 2
Unit 1 Presentation
Unit 1 PDF
Unit 2 Presentation
Unit 2 PDF
Unit 3 Unit 4
Unit 3 Presentation
Unit 3 PDF
Unit 4 Presentation
Unit 4 PDF